When you decide to make a purchase, what you want is something that will be worth your money. You certainly don’t want to be duped with items or services whose value does not equate the money you have paid for it. Thus, you always have to make sure you examine carefully the products and services you are buying.

This principle is highly applicable when you are currently on the lookout for a new property, either for a residential or commercial purpose. Note that the real estate market is full of offers that are tempting. Some of them are regarded to be a great investment, and some are not. Hence, you have to be very wary. Do not be easily fooled by its outside appearance or by its low price.

One of the best measures to ensure you have the best property is undertaking a building and pest inspection. This service is perfect for families and individuals who want to ensure the property they are acquiring is free of damages and pest infection. The premium pre-purchase house inspections will prove to you if the property is worth the investment. They will provide a comprehensive report of the state of the building and thus advise you if its best to have repairs done or simply look for another property.

More often, sellers will not be upfront with the real condition of the real estate property they are putting up for sale in the market. Of course, they want to dispose of the property as fast as they can. And to accomplish this goal, they would advertise only the best features of the abode. If you will not employ proper discernment and get excited with the offer right away, you might end up with an estate that would need plenty of repairs.


You can do away with this situation if you have an expert who will do all the necessary inspection. However, it is imperative to note that there are limitations to the services a building and pest inspector can provide.

First, a building inspector cannot undertake invasive procedures such as cutting, dismantling or digging. Moreover, he is only allowed to access areas that are allowed by the owner. Second, he must undertake the inspection process with the use of a thermal imaging camera and a termatrac. This advanced equipment can detect pest infestations like termites without having to wreck the walls or doors.

When it comes to the deliverables of the building and pest inspector, he should furnish you a complete report containing all the inspection and analysis he has done. It should also have a summary of the overall condition of the real estate property and a listing of all the issues that must be addressed right away.