When you engage in sports activities, it is likely that you will suffer some injury such as a strain or sprain or worse. It is essential to have access to professional sports physiotherapy so that the damage can be minimized and natural healing is given a helping hand. In fact, without physio, some injuries do not heal properly and lead to many months or even years of pain and limited movement.


Very often ligaments or muscles can trap a nerve when they are knocked out of place or swollen from an injury. This causes pain and ends up preventing the full range of movement that should be normal for that area of the body. The result is that the muscle can atrophy and cause weakness and constant pain in the area. Sports massage can take care of this by ensuring that the trapped nerve is released and full movement is restored.

Careful stretching exercises will be given to ensure that the weakened muscle is restored to its former strength when you have professional physiotherapy. Even if an injury is an old one, it can usually be improved by treatment from a professional sports therapist. So if you have pain or limited movement that you have been suffering from for a long time, for all your physio needs contact Physio Adelaide. You need to get your life back on track instead of putting up with pain and disability that will only get worse over time.

Sports therapy can even help when the injury was not caused by playing sports. You can easily suffer similar injuries just by walking the dog or playing with the kids. Or you might have lifted something heavy and now have a bad back. Don’t just leave it to get better by itself; that may not happen. Instead, get professional help to make sure it ends properly, and your mobility is restored.


Remedial massage will go a long way to helping many painful muscles and ligaments regain their natural strength. You can be out and about and be playing the game much sooner when you take care of those injuries properly. You will also understand better what has happened to your body and what to do in the future to help prevent injuries or to heal them more quickly.

It is always wise to warm up before you play a strenuous game, but it is also important to warm down afterward. And even if the game is not strenuous, if you are not fit or are getting older, injuries can still happen. The important thing is to have them treated as soon as possible. If you have any pains either related to sports or any other muscular pains, know that for all your physio needs contact Physio Adelaide and have the pain restored.