Are you thinking about an electric scooter for you or your loved one? These are tickets to the free movement of people with limited mobility and help restore independence, self-confidence, and pride.

There is such a wide variety of mobility scooters ranging from folding travel to heavy-duty ones that fit anyone’s needs for movement, that you are wise to check them out online before you decide to purchase one.

Some important factors to consider when choosing your scooter are portability, manoeuvrability, weight capacity, speed, and distance. Your choice will depend on where and in what capacity you will be using it. The straightforward guide below will help narrow your choices down so you can select the best option for you or your loved one.


Identify your needs and the usage of these mobility scooters. Will it be used mostly indoors? Then you might choose those with smaller wheel diameters for quicker turning. Are you planning to use it outdoors as well? Scooters for outdoor use need to have bigger wheel diameters for better balance, stability, balance, and shock absorption.

Legal considerations

Check with your locality to clarify whether riding mobility scooters on the roads is permitted, and what the legal speed limits are.


If portability is important to you, ensure that you choose a lightweight model that can be easily disassembled.


As you can imagine, scooters come with a plethora of accessories, such as mobile chargers, baskets, additional lights, and even sun shades that are very practical in warm and sunny weather. Standard accessories are swivel seats, enhanced leg room, and adjustable handlebars.


Since there are many types of scooters, options, and accessories, prices vary widely. In many cases, they may be covered by health insurance policies or Medicare, either wholly or in part. Do a proper research and see what your mobility scooter will cost – you might be pleasantly surprised at how little you’ll need to spend.

Three and four wheeled travel mobility scooters and portable scooters are perfect for air travel, cruises, vacations and day trips. They are ideal for shopping in malls or supermarkets, as they disassemble and assemble quickly and can be placed in your car’s trunk or back seat. And as for the elderly who live in assisted living facilities, they are truly ideal for maximum mobility and independence.

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