Today, bikes are of various designs and speeds. They are all made from the single speed bike that was invented in the early 1800s and is still popular among pros and the beginners, although children are more enthusiastic to learn how to pedal and balancing on a bike compared to the adults.

Nevertheless, biking is an excellent way to explore the outdoor environment especially if you are in it for adventure. But before you become a pro bicycle rider and choose a ‘complex bike’, it is advisable to start off your riding journey by looking into the benefits of single speed bikes.

One major reason why many people prefer single speed bicycles is their simplicity. When you take a closer look at the ‘single’, you will find that it has one sprocket each on the pedal and crank rear wheel. There no shifter or cables; this means that no shifting gears while biking. This design makes the bikes appealing not just for beginners but also those people looking for a simple, sleek bike that they can ride on from one location to another.

Many riders prefer this bike because of the less maintenance required. With a complex bike, you are bound to do a lot of repairs now and then since it has many parts, so the probability of one of the parts malfunctioning is high. More parts means you need to be more responsible and be checking all of them to make sure they are functioning properly. Also, more parts means more weight. Simply put, a single speed bicycle is easier to handle and maintain, while a complex bike is the opposite.

When it comes to riding a single speed bike, it is very simple as you simply need to pedal to move forward and hit the brake and stop pedaling to stop the bike. The best option for you is to use the bike on the road and not on the rough terrain especially if you are not experienced.

For the mountain bikers, though, a single speed bike is not the best option. The riders will surely need gears to shift from one terrain to another for easy riding. Races are among those who require single speed bikes since they move on flat and paved roads. They are a good option for those who want to go from one location to another without the need of gear shifts.

If you are getting your first bike or you are just a beginner, it is good to choose a single speed bicycle. It can take you anywhere provided the road is flat, and you are wearing the right gear.