Recycling glass bottle is among the first five effective ways of conserving the ecosystem. Many environmental gains come as a result of recycling glass. Because of this, many bottle deposits have mushroomed in various areas in SA and are working towards this direction successfully.

For many years, the growing of trees, as well as harvesting of rainwater, have been known as the best eco-friendly measures. On the other hand, the issues of the landfill have been getting worse day after day. And to deal with this problem, it has become critical to support SA bottle recycling. Adding to this, there have also been reprocessing of such bottles which also aims at reducing the landfill rate.

All the trash which contain glass should be sent to bottle depots which are located in different places in SA. They work in various ways to ensure all the containers that are brought in are all reused. Glass is easily recyclable. Once it is thrown into a bin, it is afterwards taken to the treatment plant. Here, the containers are sorted as per the colour, then cleaned to remove any dirt and impurity. After this, the items are crushed ready to be melted.

After the pieces are melted, the bottle is then moulded to bring out new shapes in the form of jars and containers. Other alternative uses of glass are either in brick manufacturing companies or for decoration purposes. The final step involves taking the recycled items to the nearby shops for customers to buy. It is important to bear in mind that the value of glass doesn’t decrease with the recycling process and it can be used again and again.

To produce glass, you need three basic raw materials: sand, limestone, and soda ash. With the formation of new items, you obviously need more usage of this raw materials as well as oil. You will also require more energy for this. Reprocessing of a glass bottle, therefore, means less use of these raw materials, thus saving on cost as well as energy. The energy saved can be used to produce enough power for many households. It is therefore important to work towards recycling glass bottles, which in return leads to conservation of raw materials, lower manufacturing cost, and the betterment of the environment since there is less emission of toxic substances.

Now that you know the importance of SA bottle recycling, make a decision today and start recycling all your bottles. Be it plastic or glass jars, recycling is an eco-friendly solution to waste problem and helps keep our environment clean. All you need is find a reputable recycling company, and you can take your bottles there or ask for pick-up services.