TV Antenna Installation: Is It Still Worth It?

Antenna Installations AdelaideBack in the day, the only option to avail of multiple television channels was to buy and install a TV antenna. However, the emergence of newer and better technology like cable subscriptions, internet connection, and digital TV led to the decline in the value of a TV antenna. Interestingly though, the antenna refuses to die out, and in fact, it seems like it is enjoying a resurgence of some kind the past several years. Well, the most reasonable explanation is that many people still do not feel like shelling out a lot of money for cable subscriptions or internet access via smart televisions. Some people out there only want to enjoy watching TV without the burden of paying for it monthly.

So, are TV antenna installations Adelaidestill a worthy investment today? The answer is “yes.”

You probably have heard or even tried streaming video over the web and through your TV. Services like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix offer premium video streaming experience but for a significant price. However, there is one thing they lack that make TV antenna still a commonplace in Australian households. This “thing” we are talking about is live local TV channels. Local channels are accessible through TV antenna installations Adelaide, and the best thing about them is that they are for free. Hence, the only thing you will pay for is the upfront cost of buying the antenna. Once you install it, you enjoy local channels.

Another advantage that TV antennas have over video streaming service subscriptions is that the latter heavily relies on internet speed. So, aside from paying for a Netflix subscription, you also must connect your TV to the web, which means another subscription to cover. The problem with streaming services is if your internet connection is down, you also cannot enjoy internet videos.

Meanwhile, many homeowners switch to a cable and satellite TV provider from an antenna. They believe that they are getting better coverage and more channels by doing so. However, you will soon realise that you are paying for the same channels via the cable subscription that you can get for free through TV antenna installation. There even are some regional and local channels which are unavailable via a cable subscription. For satellite TV meanwhile, the most notable downside is that you do not get consistent reception. If there is a storm brewing or heavy rain, you may not get any reception at all. No matter how pricey your satellite TV subscription is, it never will give you a guaranteed reception and coverage when it starts raining.

So, if you feel like TV antenna installation is an obsolete thing, then you are misinformed. Even in the modern days of many technological conveniences, a TV antenna remains relevant as ever.