Undeniable Benefits and Advantages of Net Wraps

When it comes to creating round bales for your farm, you have two popular options, and they are the net wrap and twine. The two varieties come with their own set of benefits. However, there is no denying that a net wrap is the preferred choice for many since it offers more than what traditional twine affords.

1 – Quicker and More Efficient Baling

In wrapping a bale with the help of a net wrap, you only need one up to two,and a half turns to succeed. Of course, Net wrapyou have the benefit of a machine if you want to create more bales. However, it does deny the fact that with net wrap, you have the opportunity to create more bales compared to when you are using twine. With more bales, it means you also speed up the process of preserving food for the animals. It is something you value,especially when the weather is beautiful. With a more efficient manner of bale wrapping, you get to save on a couple of things, including fuel costs and labour. In other words, there is increased productivity especially for those who own large farms.

2 – Less Likelihood of Bale Losses

Since you only need to spin the bale a few times when you use a net wrapfor wrapping, it means that there also is lesser leaf loss that drops out of the baler. With reduced bale loss, you create more product compared to traditional twine.

3 – Significantly Reduced Outdoor Storage Losses

As a farm owner, you know for a fact that the concept of outdoor hay storage always leads to spoilage. It appears like there is no perfect solution to prevent it from happening. Although experts always recommend storing hay in a covered or shaded structure, the truth is it does not apply to all situations, especially for large-scale farms where there is a need to preserve a lot of animal feeds. Therefore, storing bales outside is something you consider as inevitable. Thankfully, you can minimise outdoor storage loss if you use net wrap.

4 – Good for Selling

While all the three mentioned benefits are things you probably already expected, the one reality you still do not know is that with the help of net wrap for baling, you get to produce aesthetically appealing bales. So, if you have some surplus of hay, you can sell net-wrapped bales for a reasonable price and make money out of it. Other farm owners appreciate net-covered feeds since they have much better integrity, which in turn is crucial in transportation.

You do have to make sure that when choosing a net wrap to purchase, you must look for a reputable supplier since not all products out there are of premium quality.