The Benefits of Pruning Your Palm Tree

You wouldn’t run out of reasons to prune a tree on your property, especially when it is the palm variety. You see, palm trees need extra attention and effort occasionally if you want them to serve their function. It is essential that you remove diseased fronds to prevent the prospective spread of disease; likewise, palm tree pruning Perth intends to get rid of its rather unattractive components or parts.

Having a palm tree in front of or beside your house provides a particular aesthetic or visual upgrade. However, like any other tree, you cannot expect the palm to make your property look attractive when it grows fronds and parts uncontrollably. Pruning does not cause any harm or damage to the tree if you are doing it right. However, the truth is many people choose to hire professional palm tree pruning Perth experts to guarantee that they won’t end up doing more harm than good to the tree.

Furthermore, pruning the palm tree on your private property makes sense if you must remove the fronds destroyed or damaged by a recent storm. As much as you hate to remove young fronds, you do not have a choice but to do it if they already are dangling and on the verge of falling off.

Meanwhile, some homeowners prune their palm trees after realising that some of the parts of the same tree are responsible for hindering its development and growth. The thing is palm trees are unique in a way that they need enough air circulation, the purpose of which is to facilitate for new growth to take place. There is a tendency for the lower branches to obstruct or hinder the growth of the other parts of the tree, so pruning is the most sensible solution.

Keep in mind that in pruning your palm tree, you cannot do it whenever you like. There is an ideal time when to do it, which is in the late fall or winter season. However, if you notice dead fronds or branches, you should not wait for any season to remove them. The idea behind pruning the palm tree in the dormant season is that it minimises the possibility of sap loss. If the tree loses a lot of its sap in the pruning process, it creates unnecessary stress to it. You likewise might consider pruning the palm during the dormant season since the possibility of insect and fungus infection are low, which means there also is less possibility of a fungus or pest infestation.

The last thing you must consider is if you are doing the pruning on your own or if you will tap the services of someone else to do it. We recommend that you let the pros handle it if you are not confident about your skills.