What You Need to Know About Solar Systems

When you decide to go green and take advantage of the free energy from the sun, then it is time to have a solar system installed in your home. Many people are turning to green energy to save not only dollars on the rising power cost but also for the more significant cause of protecting the environment. What should you know about solar power systems? Well, when people hear of solar power systems, all that come into their mind is solar panels like the ones available at solar power systems Adelaide. Even though the solar panel is the most critical part of a solar power system, other parts are required to make the whole system work. This article will look at the major components of a solar power system.

The solar panel is the central part of a solar energy system. It is the most common as it is what people see. It is the one that converts the sun’s energy into useful electrical energy. Therefore, the boards have to be placed strategically to take maximum advantage of the suns energy. The roof is the ideal location for the panels, as this way you are sure that there will be no shading and the sun can shine on your boards all day hence providing more energy.

Once the solar energy transforms into electrical energy, it becomes available for use throughout the day to power lights and other electrical appliances in the house. But the sun will be out at night, and this means that the panel will produce no power. What will you do since this is the time you need the lights most? Well, this is where the solar battery comes in. Once the solar panels generate the electric energy during the day, the battery cells then store the energy. It can save enough power for a few days’ energy needs depending on the system. It means that during the night you can light up all the bulbs and operate other appliances like the TV and the fridge.

We all know that most electrical appliances like refrigerators, TVs, microwaves, ovens and the like operate on AC. But a solar power system produces DC. If you want to power all your AC appliances in the house, then you need to equip your solar power systems with a solar inverter. The inverter does the magic of converting DC to AC, and then the power will be introduced to your main grid, and you can now power all the appliances in your house including your AC system. Other components of a solar power system which you can source from solar power systems Adelaide include the charge controller and other small parts that make your solar panel system work. Be very sure that when you decide to go solar, buy everything needed for a practical, effective solar power system.