Why Do You Need to Remove a Stump?

Tree removal is a straightforward yet risky job. Although some property owners choose to do it themselves, it is safer for you to let the experts handle it. Once you finally get rid of a dead or decaying tree, you feel relieved knowing that it no longer brings annoyance and danger to you and your family. But then again, tree removal is just the first step. Once you get rid of it, the challenging part is dealing with the stump that remains.

The question that all property owners who decided to remove a tree in their yard are to whether to remove the stump that remains or leave it there to rot. In this article, we’ll talk about the compelling reasons why you should also get rid of the stump.

1 – Ignoring a tree stump means inviting insects and pests to your property.

Stump removal – Tree Ninja is crucial if you wish to prevent the possibility of a pest or insect infestation at home. You probably do not know it, but several pests like carpenter ants, termites, and bugs love to feast or make a home out of a tree stump. Therefore, if you keep on ignoring its presence after removing a tree, it likely will accommodate invasive species that you otherwise would not want to see in your property.

2 – A tree stump in your property can lead to damage.

You probably think why in the world will a harmless looking stump damage your property? Well, the truth is the danger lies underneath. While you believe the stump will eventually deteriorate and die, there is a possibility that it will continue to grow and survive. If you see new sprouts on top of it, it usually means that the roots underground is likewise growing and expanding. So, if you do not care or give value to stump removal – Tree Ninja, the likely scenario is that the roots extend to the point that it causes damage to your plumbing pipes, water supply, or sewage system. It can even wreak havoc on your home’s foundation.

3 – You must remove a tree stump because it is a safety hazard.

A tree stump sitting on your property creates a tripping hazard to anyone who comes near it. If you have children or pets who love to play around the yard, they might trip over it and cause serious injury. If you hire someone to do lawnmowing and you forget to tell them about the stump, it could lead to a disaster in which the lawn mower gets irreparable damage, or the operator gets injured.

So, those three reasons above are more than enough to convince you that there is no point in leaving a tree stump sitting on your property. Also, you may not realise it at first, but it significantly reduces your home’s curb appeal and aesthetic value.