Common Garage Electric Roller Door Repair Problems

When it comes to issues or problems concerning your garage electric roller door, there is no problem if you want to learn how to do the troubleshooting yourself. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to detect and be aware of the signs that something isn’t right. You do not necessarily have to perform the repair yourself. The purpose of learning the common issues with your roller door is for you to notice them right before they get worse than previously thought. Once you determine that something needs fixing, you can respond to it appropriately by calling in the experts on electric roller door repairs Adelaide. Know that you shouldn’t be repairing on your own because it could injure you or maybe aggravate the problem, unless you are an expert, too.

1 – The door opener does not work.

The most prevalent garage roller door issue out there is the one that involves the opener. If you have a chain or drive-screw operated opener, the primary reason why it stops working is the friction due to the lack of lubricant. You can handle this issue by merely applying a generous amount of grease. Be sure you use a silicone-based lubricant. If you are uncertain where the problem is, call someone else to do it for you. There is no shame in that.


2 – You notice an annoyingly grinding sound.

Many property owners ignore the grinding sound that the garage roller door makes, not realising that it is something that needs immediate attention. The noise may come from three possible sources: loose hardware, squeaky components, and worn parts. Although you probably read stuff online convincing you to repair, you shouldn’t risk injuring yourself or damaging other parts of the roller door. Instead, hire an expert on garage electric roller door repairs Adelaide to perform the job on your behalf. This way, you are sure that the grinding sound goes away for good.


3 – You see there are cracks or gaps in the door.

If you notice cracks on your garage roller door, know that it is something you cannot ignore or tolerate because it will get worse over time. You can perform a temporary fix like using a sealant to caulk the crack or gap, but we recommend that you call the professionals to make a proper assessment of the issue. Know that there might be an underlying and severe issue underneath that needs a major fix, and only an expert can handle it.


4 – The roller door fails to seal all the way to the bottom.

If your garage roller door at home fails to seal all the way down to the bottom, it is a sign that something is indeed wrong with it. It could be because of pipe insulation or something else. Only a professional can perform a proper evaluation and provide the solution.