How to Tell If Your Window Glass Requires Replacement

Most people do not care about the glass windows, but they play a critical role in preserving the aesthetic value of a property as well as its comfort level. Like all other components of the building or house, the windows need attention, too. Some signs point to the need for cleaning, repair, or maintenance. Meanwhile, there also are signs that tell you the only option left is a replacement.

Here are the five prominent signs that it is high time for window glass replacement Adelaide:

1 – You notice a considerable increase in heating and cooling costs.

If you have old single pane windows at home, then you may be forced to spend more on heating and cooling expenses. Mind you; those windows are forcing you to consume energy for heating and cooling which go to waste. The reason is that old glass windows are prone to leaks, which means you must replace them with energy-efficient varieties that provide maximum sealing and thermal heat transfer. You should know that leaky windows, especially those who are at least a decade old, no longer qualify for repair. The only viable option for you is to have them replaced by a window specialist.

2 – Your windows have noticeable drafts especially during the chilly winter months.

If you notice there is a breeze when you stand near your windows even if they closed during a winter night, it means there is a severe leak around them. The best way to figure out if you have drafts on the windows is by burning an incense stick near it, and when you see the smoke move, it means there is indeed a leak. While there is the option of sealing those leaks and holes, the best solution, especially with old windows, is a replacement. There is no guarantee if sealing them will work for an extended period.

3 – You find it difficult to raise and lower the window glass.

Another pertinent sign of an impending glass replacement Adelaide is when you need extra force to prop the windows open. The fact that you are struggling to open or shut your windows is the epitome of the need to replace them. If you are not sure about it, you can ask a professional window glass repair company to make that assessment on your behalf.

4 – There is fog in between the double pane windows.

Several benefits come along with the installation of double pane windows at home. However, when you notice there is a build-up of condensation or fog between the glass panes, it is a classic sign of seal failure. What happens is that moisture invades the space in between the panes. While repair is the usual first response, there are situations when window glass replacement is the only option viable.