Palm Tree Pruning: A Do It Yourself Guide

What do you know about palm tree pruning? Pruning a palm tree is mainly done to remove dead fronds around the main stem for aesthetic purposes. Also, pruning is done to remove infected fronds, remove unsightly fronds, and improve aeration.

Pruning is regarded as a small project by many homeowners, and they are willing to try out the project instead of hiring professional palm tree pruning services. Therefore, if you are eager to handle the project, you can do it as long as you know why, how, and when to do the pruning. If you can answer those three questions, then it will be an easy project for you.

Below are some techniques used to get the job done correctly:

Tools Required

  • Rope saw
  • Pole pruner
  • Chainsaw
  • Portable bucksaw
  • Safety glasses
  • Hard hat

Pruning Techniques

When pruning, there are a few approaches you can take, and each has its purpose:

  1. Cleaning – This is where you remove the weak, dead, or diseased fronds from the stem
  2. Thinning – This is where you remove fronds to allow enough light to penetrate while ensuring that the shape remains the same.
  3. Reduction – Cutting fronds to reduce the size while making room for utility line
  4. Raising – This where you remove the fronds that are lower to offer to clear for cars, buildings, pedestrians, and views.

When you know the kind of pruning you want, be sure when pruning you are not injuring the tree to avoid too much exposed. Leave enough allowance between the stem and where you cut the fronds. Do not mind about the palm tree looking shaggy as soon you can do the palm tree shaving.


After you have pruned your palm tree, it is not necessary to seal the stump left. Nature tends to heal the wounds on their own.


If you do not have the tools mentioned above, you do not have the time you do not have the skills, or you are afraid of heights, then the best thing is to seek for professional palm tree pruning services. In fact, if your palm tree is too tall, there is no need to risk your life and healthy by using the ladder. Hire a professional palm tree care company and let them take care of your palm tree.

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