What Are Plantation Shutters & What Can It Do?

Have you heard of plantation shutters? You might have seen them yet didn’t know that it’s the thing. Plantation shutters, or wooden shutters, are one of the most common variants of shutters available in the Australian market. However, most are unaware of what it is and what it can do. This article will educate the general public about what plantation shutters Adelaide are, its usefulness, and it’s overall potential as a capable shutter for your home.


So What Exactly Are Plantation Shutters?


Plantation shutters, also called wooden shutters, are a type of solid window covering. It consists of wooden or fake wood shutters mounted on a solid frame to create a solid shutter installed right onto a window. A rod hidden behind controls the plantation shutter.


The Difference Between Plantation Shutters & Blinds


A common misconception that most people make is believing window shutters to be the same as blinds. While a lot of similarities can be pointed out, shutters are worlds apart from being the same with blinds. The latter can be controlled to manage the amount of air and light that comes into a room, which is pretty similar to the former. However, blinds offer less insulation mainly because of the type of material used. Plantation shutters Adelaide provide high-quality interior shutters that are both durable and stylish at the same time.


plantation shutters adelaidePlantation shutters are built to deliver durability and longevity, as well as provide the most energy savings. Because of its insulation capabilities, wooden shutters can successfully reflect the intense heat that is coming from the outside during the summer season and blocks just enough heat to warm the room during the winter. These features lead to a much lower electricity bill since you don’t have to use a heater or air conditioner to get the right temperature during a particular season.


Install Plantation Shutters Now


Interior plantation shutters are lighter and easier to maintain. All you need is to wipe each screen and the entire frame with a damp cloth to keep your plantation shutter looking good as new. Besides, the classic design of a wooden shutter can also complement a variety of home decors, giving you the flexibility and convenience of not having to mix and match. Finally, plantation shutters Adelaide provide homeowners with complete control over their airflow and privacy. So if you haven’t tried installing a plantation shutter system for your home, it’s about time you do.