What are the Signs Indicating that Your Roof Needs Fixing?

The roof in every house or building plays the indispensable role of protecting everyone and everything under it from the weather and outside elements. Even the earliest humans lived under caves and trees because they needed protection against the scorching heat of the sun as well as the rain. In the modern version of a dwelling, the roof offers protection unlike any other, but in doing so, it gets exposed to constant wear and tears as well as extreme weather conditions.

When the time comes your roof gets damaged, broken, or incurs any issue that affects its performance, you should be there to respond. Accordingly, it does not mean you should perform the roof repair SA yourself. As the property owner, your job is to be familiar with the signs that your roofing system needs fixing. Once you detect those signs, the next step is to hire experts to perform the repair on your behalf.

Sign 1 – Roof Leaks

The most apparent sign of the need for repair on your roof is when there is a leak. Go to your attic and see if there are leaks on certain parts like the insulation and the ceiling. If you see water spots and mould, it means that rainwater and moisture from the outside find their way inside via a leak. You need to address a hole on your roof as quickly as possible to prevent the damage from spreading.

Sign 2 – Water Damage

There are situations in which you see water damage not on the ceiling or attic but the walls and basement. They still have something to do with a roofing issue since the gutters might get clogged with debris or there is standing water leaking on the roof and down to the walls and foundation. Whatever the cause, you must call in a professional roofer to make the proper assessment.

Sign 3 – Granules in the Gutters

If you go up the roof and notice that there are granules in the gutters, it means that some shingles on the roof may have cracks in them. It is also possible that a couple or more of the shingles are broken and may need replacement as soon as possible.

Sign 4 – Roofing Materials in the Yard

Like in the third sign we talked about, seeing pieces of shingles and other materials on your yard means that something is broken or even missing up there. You cannot afford to disregard it because it might lead to severe leakage when the rain falls. As a homeowner, you have no other choice but to call in a professional to perform roof repair SA.



Those signs we mentioned above are proof that you cannot take your roof for granted. Even if most roofing materials are built to last for decades, you should know that regular maintenance and repairs are crucial within the lifetime of the roofing system.