Today, with a multitude of households relying on two incomes, more and more pet owners are considering the option of hiring a pet sitter to keep their furry friend happy and entertained while they’re away at work all day long. An alternative to taking your dog to a kennel, a pet sitter can be a wonderful way of allowing your dog to stay at home in their environment while still receiving the attention they need, not to mention being fed, given fresh water, and taken for walks.

Many pets don’t tolerate car trips very well, making it too stressful to drive back and forth to the kennel every day, and an even larger number of dogs suffer from a very real condition known as separation anxiety disorder. Separation anxiety can be severe and stressful for a pet, not to mention their owners who are at a loss as to how to cope with the troubling condition.

Besides causing destructive behaviour such as ripping apart the living room furniture, separation anxiety is harmful to a dog’s health in that it puts undue stress on their hearts and lungs and causes their entire system to operate differently. A pet sitter who should be experienced with dogs that have this bothersome but highly manageable condition is just one solution for coping with separation anxiety.

When trying to find a reliable, responsible pet sitter in your area, begin with word of mouth, asking family, friends, and co-workers for their referrals and recommendations is an excellent starting point. You can also check the local newspapers, community centres, and bulletin boards for advertisements along with the Yellow Pages or phone book. The Internet also has information about pet sitters with forums and countless websites devoted to the subject.

Many pet sitters like the Home Watch are insured, which is not only for your protection but theirs as well. Professional pet sitters will have references or perhaps testimonials from previous or current clients along with the phone numbers of people to call if you have questions.

The best sitter will be more than willing to answer any and all of your questions without reserve. If he or she hasn’t already volunteered these details, ask them important issues such as how they would handle an emergency including fires, accidents, injuries, and what would happen if your dog broke free from their leash or escaped the back yard.

An experienced and knowledgeable pet sitter should have questions for owners, such as if a pet needs medication or has special dietary or behavioural issues that will need to be addressed. Reputable pet sitters always have a complete list of emergency numbers such as poison control, the nearby pet hospital, your veterinarian, your work and cell phone numbers, and perhaps the nearest relative or neighbour. For the best pet sitting services, navigate to this site.

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