Arguments in Favour of Going to an Authorised Service Shop for your Car Repair Needs

Volkswagen Service AdelaideVarious misconceptions surround the issue of whether to send your vehicle to an authorised service for repair or choose to go to an independent shop. Perhaps one of your friends or acquaintances told you about the high repair costs of going to an authorised shop, but they are wrong. If you own a Volkswagen vehicle, for instance, it makes sense to go to a Volkswagen Service Adelaide for repair and maintenance needs. Listed below are the best reasons why you should:

1 – Added Protection

Do not forget the fact that buying a new car is the second most expensive investment you’ll make next to your house. Therefore, you cannot afford to let any unauthorised service centre or shop to perform repair jobs or maintenance services to your vehicle and risk getting more harm than good. The thing is opting for an official Volkswagen repair shop is in a way protecting your investment since you expect the highest level of professional and technical skills from their mechanics.

2 – Skills and Training Unlike Any Other

Another argument favouring the decision to go to an authorised Volkswagen Service Adelaide is the fact that you will take advantage of top-notch expertise and skills from the technicians and mechanics. Since the company emphasises competency and the up-to-date knowledge of its service team, they make it a point to subject everyone in the organisation to continuous training for them to handle new vehicle models and the technology integrated into them. You want the people handling your vehicle to come equipped with the certification from the automotive industry.

3 – Equipment

Keep in mind that not all automotive repair shops offer diagnostic equipment, but you can be sure that the one that’s authorised to handle brands like Volkswagen will have it. Modern diagnostic equipment may cost up to $100,000 which is why it is no longer a surprise that not all service centres have it. If someday your vehicle needs the equipment for a significant repair job, you should, therefore, go to an authorised service shop to get access to the best material available.

4 – Original Parts

Only authorised Volkswagen service shops can provide you with an extensive collection of original parts to cover all the replacement needs of your vehicle. The problem with independent shops is you do not have the guarantee that they will replace the needed parts with original ones. There even is a possibility that they’ll rip you off by attaching a price for the genuine part when in fact it is an imitation. The advantage of going to a service centre authorised by the vehicle manufacturer is that you get not only top quality repair job but also genuine parts.



Lastly, expect to get a competitive price for the repair job if you choose to go to a local authorised dealer.