What is Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

You are reading this post because you probably already have an idea as to what physiotherapy brings as an effective and proven treatment alternative for a wide range of physical disorders. However, you are more interested in its prospect of helping you improve pelvic health. Fortunately, there is an area of physiotherapy called pelvic floor physio Adelaide that deals explicitly with problems related to the pelvic region of the body, and this is what we are going to talk about in this post.

You first should know that there are a variety of disorders or issues related to pelvic health, including but not limited to bladder problems and bowel control, constipation and strains, prolapse, bed wetting, pelvic and perineal pain, vulvar pain and vaginismus, bladder pain, and pudendal neuralgia. With the help of a pelvic floor physio Adelaide, anyone who suffers from those mentioned issues may find the ideal treatment of the pain without the need for surgery or medicine. The physiotherapist carries out treatment procedures which are common but useful; methods such as muscle strengthening, relaxation, and stretching.

So, in case you experience or suffer from any of the conditions listed below, it means you should seek the help of a pelvic floor physio right away:

  1. Urinary control issues like stress leakage such as physical stresses usually seen when coughing, sneezing, lifting, jumping, or bending. The same holds true with regards to urging leakage, or when you leak whenever there is an urge to go to the bathroom. If you suffer from this problem, it means you need pelvic floor muscle exercises.
  2. You must see a physiotherapist specialising in pelvic problems if you have voiding issues or the difficulty with bladder emptying.

  1. Another reason to see a physio is when you experience prolapse, or the issue with your pelvic tissues wherein the support to your organs is insufficient regarding preventing them from bulging down into the vagina.
  2. Pelvic floor physiotherapy also helps people who suffer from bowel issues as well as postnatal bladder problems.
  3. Pelvic floor physio is likewise helpful for pre and post gynaecological surgery such as vaginal repair, incontinence surgery, and hysterectomy.
  4. For those who recently underwent prostate surgery, pelvic floor physiotherapy can help in the recovery process.
  5. If you suffer from problems like constipation and straining, decreased bowel, wind control, and bower urgency, there are several bowel management strategies offered by pelvic floor physiotherapists.
  6. If your children suffer from bed wetting and bowel issues, a pelvic floor physio has more than a couple of solutions.

Those are just some of the many issues that pelvic floor physiotherapy can help. If you suffer from any of those mentioned problems, you must find the courage to visit a specialist sooner than later.